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Email For Beginners Set Up

How To Use Email Take Private Individual Lessons
Montgomery County MD.

 This tutorial is about learning how to view, send, and write email for fifty plus, beginners, and seniors. Not only that, if you need an email service provider, we'll learn how to open up a free email account, Hotmail, using step by step instructions and maybe you can start sending email! Windows Live, Hotmail is one of many email providers on the Internet and among the more popular. Free Hotmail basic, has plenty of space and spam filters.  A separate page will open up in front of our email tutorial. This will let  see Hotmail and when you click our page in back, you will be able to see our email for beginners page and instructions. Let the two pages overlap for easier access to each.

Note: To move pages, place Mouse Arrow directly on colored "Title Bar" located way up top of your Internet Explorer or other Web Browser page. "Email For Beginners Tutorial" will be written there.
Now, Left Click mouse button and hold button down, don't release..
Drag, slide, mouse on pad and notice the page moves.
Choose a spot, and then release mouse button ...
Overlap our page, Hotmail page, and now just click once on page each time you wish to see.

Click on Hotmail now.

When connected to Hotmail, there will a place to Sign In, if already a member, or a button to click to Sign Up and join. Choose Sign Up and you will be taken to another page.

Hotmail / Live

Two Options For You.
Join only for email or join for email and more stuff.
Browse the page and choose an option... ours is only email.
Make a new email address, or a new Windows Live ID, same space.
Your email can have letters or both letters and numbers.
When you have name, look below and click "check availability" button
to see if is already in use.
When it reads "Available" look by the @ to the other box.
Choose, "Live" or "Hotmail" depending on which program you want...
For your "password" don't make one too easy to figure out...
Uh but, not too hard to remember either... Include letters and numbers...
Complete the rest of the form, read the agreement, click agree button.
Write down your password and brand new email address and store it in a safe place.
Example: and Password

We will use Classic View with basic features. If you want the advanced fancy full version of Windows Live Hotmail you can choose that, but for beginners 50+ and other  we recommended the basic, classic version to learn now.
* Some other email services label folders and features with the same name or another that performs a similar function. Learning Hotmail should help even if you use another email provider.

How To Open Email

When Hotmail opens you should be at your Inbox.
If not, find, click Inbox
If you had any email in your inbox, it would be in list form in order of date sent.
Now if you already have opened a Hotmail account and have email please be patient.
Uh, see in order to learn how to use stuff, we need to open up an email
and if you're new, you have none. So ... you will learn to write an email now and um ..
send it to "yourself" ... so that you will have an email to work with.. Huh? read it again.

Write An Email

Click New, top left..
Email Message Box Appears
See large white space?
That will be the place where we type our email.
Just above there are email feature icons for you to use when writing your email.
Stuff like Bold, Text Color, note Print Icon to print email, option for Spell Check
plus more... so when you have time, click on them to get familiarized.
Later, after you begin to add email friends, a "Contacts" list will appear
to the right of the email message box.

If you had any Contacts, normally you could "Click" on a "Contact"
and an email address will appear in the To: space.
Just so you know ... Click on additional "Contacts" to add another person
you want to send email to and note ..
each address should be separated with a Comma , or
To Send Email To Yourself:

From:       Already has your address.
To:          Type your email address in here too.
Subject:   Type in some text..

In empty message space, type in a few words like ...
Hi, How am I doing...
Done With Message?
Before sending, make sure you have "full" email address in the To box space
Example: ..

Click Send located top left.
After you click "Send" button, displayed will be the email address the email was sent to, uh yours in this situation, and an option to add that address to your "Contacts" list,
aka, Address Book...
Now the "Sent Folder," is the place where email you send is stored.

* If email does not show up within a minute, find Mail, below Inbox
in left margin, and "Click Mail" to Refresh ..
The email you sent should be here now. If not "Click Mail" or maybe start over.
Ok, Hotmail members who have an email wake up and those who wrote one...
Click on the email sender located at the top.
The box will open and information from the sender will be displayed in top left corner.

The Date the sender wrote the email.
To, should be you..
* Sometimes additional email addresses may be listed
if the same message was also sent to someone else too.
There may be a Subject included from the sender or if not,
it may say “no subject.”
The message usually follows and may be text, an image, or other.

Options After Viewing Email:
Just above Write Message area:

Find and Click Reply button …
A window opens with a small white area for you to type a "reply message".
Just above that, see "Toolbar" with features we mentioned earlier.
Later, learn a few and use your mouse to click icons.
Just below, your Reply message area, should be the message that the sender had
sent to you and if applicable, any other messages written by you to the sender or the sender to you.
This should already be filled, check for accuracy …

From: Should be your email
To: The "Senders:" email address or if "You" were the Sender, "Yours"
Subject: What appears or type new
Type Reply message
Click Send near top left

Another Option:
Click Forward: This forwards "copy" of same email message ahead
to just one or more than one person you would like to share the message with.
You can add a message of your own too.
Note, From: And Subject: should already be filled, check for accuracy …
To: Will be empty...
You will need to put in each email address you wish to receive your forwarded email.
After the first address, remember you need to separate addresses with comma , or ; after each. Make sure to check.
Click on Send

Delete email RED X click with mouse and email is sent to "Deleted Email Folder."
This Folder helps if you accidentally deleted an email you wanted to keep.
You can open this Folder and retrieve you email.

"Move To" Folders
You will find Move To near other options ..
Click on arrow, Drop Menu Appears with list of Folders where email
may be stored. "Click" on a Folder.

Save Email 
While you were reading the previous section, did you think ...
"Hey hows come these dopes make no mention about Save Email Hmmm?"
There is no Save Folder here in Hotmail, yet..
We need to make this Folder ourselves which provides a place
for email we want to keep around.

How To Make "Save Folder" ....
Find Left Margin, Below "Deleted" Folder look where it reads:
"Manage Folders" Click On This ...
Another Section will appear ..

Top Left Location Find:
"New" - Here will be the place where you can make a new folder "Save Email"..
Or whatever name you like....
Other selections visible, "Rename" and "Delete Folder" ..
Click New
Another Section appears .. in the box now, type a Name for your New Folder ...
Example - "Save Email"
Then Above Click "Save" ...
Save Folder "appears" on left margin below "Deleted" AND in "Move To" Drop List
(choose which folder to store an email)
After you read an email, now you can click on "Save Folder" in Move To Drop List
located middle up top.

Hotmail Folders
Left Margin
Read description then Click On Each Folder:

Inbox (2) - Your new email will be found here inside this Folder.

Junk (2) - This Folder keeps all the ads or other junk email that you probably do not want. Spam would be considered junk which is usually sent without your permission.
Sometimes "you" actually give your permission for someone to send you
"Junk" uh, Advertisements... Why would you do that?
Well maybe you signed up for free software from a vendor or a free service you found useful. Sometimes, not always, sometimes, to help pay for the "Free Offer" the vendor will include as part of the "Agreement" you "agree" to, this ...
"We have your permission to email you wonderful, outstanding third party advertising deals whenever we feel like doing so" ... Now Click.
Be familiar with the company you are dealing with and see if the benefits exceed the costs.

There are some real dopes who after they wake up each day ask themselves, how can I be an even bigger uh, jerk today than I was yesterday? Maybe you have met 'em.
They buy software that will automatically keep sending you Spam after Spam every day! Yeh fun huh?
We'll discuss this stuff later in our Spam, Phishing, no definitely not for fish,
ID Theft, more.

Hotmail includes an "Email Filter" which is set to screen your email upon arrival and places what it considers a "bunch of boloney" inside this Junk Folder where it is automatically deleted after ten days. You can delete it sooner.
Default Filter "setting" is Standard which means,
"most junk email is sent to the junk email folder".
If you see too many junk ads you have another junk setting ...
Exclusive - "Everything is sent to the junk e-mail folder except messages from your contacts and safe senders, Windows Live Hotmail service announcements, and alerts that you signed up for."

*Important Note: You should occasionally check your junk e-mail folder to make sure that good messages don't get put there by mistake. Sometimes an email looks junky in appearance to the Filter, but may be from someone you recognize. Check Junk Folder.

View Folder then Click "Mail" found in margin to return here

Options - On right up top, find word and "Click Options."
These are settings you can learn which choose the way Hotmail Works.
Included are Email Filter settings.

View Options then Click "Mail" found in margin to return here

Sent (1) - This Folder keeps track of all email you sent.
Hotmail stores Sent email here in this Folder. You will find a list probably organized by date and on left, a small box will appear with each email you send.
You decide how long to keep the Sent email in the list ...
Maybe a month or so, or more ....
If you click on an email you sent to someone, the message box will open,
displaying the contents.
This could be useful .. possibly after you sent the email, you might not remember
all or part of what you wrote.
To delete "Sent Email" simply use your mouse and left click once inside each
small box to the left.
A check will appear in each box, and after you choose
all email to be deleted from the list ...
Find "Delete RED X " above and click delete...
To uncheck, click on the check in box and it will disappear.

*Note, if you let Sent email list pile up, it will eventually start to continue on another page. Look near bottom right side and notice the number of pages are displayed here.
Click on the number to view the page ...
Now if you want to delete "All" the email at once on a page ... Top
of list "To" .. click one check in that box..
Notice checks appear in all delete boxes on the page.
Click Delete X ....  page empty.

View Folder then Click "Mail" found in margin to return here

Deleted (1) - This Folder is where Deleted email is stored.

View Folder then Click "Mail" found in margin to return here

More On Manage Folders
This Folder also displays all of your folders, how many messages in each folder, and how much overall space you are consuming in Hotmail. Some email providers have a limited amount of space and may or may not charge more if you need more space. Find out how much so if your box is nearing that maximum allowance, you can delete messages to make room. You should delete unneeded stuff anyway to avoid clutter.
Yes, Hotmail displays space used.

View Folder then Click "Mail" found in margin to return here

Left margin "Categories" continued:
Next find Section:
Click "Today" and you will see your Mailbox Space used:
1% of 5 GB, (your space allowance) as of Today..

View Folder then Click "Mail" found in margin to return here

Next left margin:
Mail - Takes you to Inbox

Next, Contacts:
Find Section For Your Complete New Address Book
or Hotmail "Contacts" of people you will send email..

Click On Contacts Section:
Left side menu -
Notice just above "Manage Groups" written in blue,
Click "All Contacts" which displays your entire email address book or contact list.
To delete a contact, see box on left, click check in box ..
Move up top and Click Delete, name should disappear..

"New" look up and just over on the right and find New ....
Click New and you will see a new page for creating new email contacts.

Edit contact details type Information in boxes.
First name:  Warren
Last name:  Weber
Nickname:    Potsy
Mark contact as Favorite.. Use mouse and click check in box
Personal e-mail -

When finished -
"Click Save" to add ..
*There are a zillion other personal information boxes where
you can add lot more stuff about Mr. Weber, if needed ...

After You Click Save, the brand new email address contact should appear...
Warren Weber
Personal e-mail address -

Now the "Address," might be already written
as a hyperlink in blue.
If So, Click on Address and you are ready to write email
and then send to this new address.
TO: (your friends name)
FROM: (just Above) has "your" email
Subject box: empty

View Folder then Click "Mail" found in margin to return here

We continue Categories:
Left Margin -
Click on "Calendar" Very Nice feature if needed.

View Folder then Click "Mail" found in margin to return here

- Move To Drop Menu:
Click On Arrow and choose Folder where you want the email stored.

We showed you the basics and once again practice.
You can learn the other extras later.
Your email address up top located in right corner.
Click On Sign Out when all finished with email.
This means Name and Password will now be needed to view your email and information.

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