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computer lessons seniors montgomery

computer lessons seniors montgomery marylandcomputer training seniors and disabledcomputer free lessons montgomery maryland

Welcome to PCMinds community site, a place where beginners seniors, disabled, and others learn how to use computers and laptops.

Computer training provided with step by step individual lessons to help you qualify for a job position, or learn for fun. Our lesson plan includes using both basic hardware and software. Windows Vista and WinXP are featured here online, with Windows 7 workbook order now. Private lessons available.

Michael Wells
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 When you think you may have a major problem on your hands such as a program has gone completely crazy and possibly other stuff on your Windows XP or Vista too, relax, you might be able to repair it easily. It is amazing how many experienced users don't know about this very useful program. It lets you go back in time before the problem happened and set your computer the way it was back then. Read More

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If you were born before our huge explosion in computer technology and the Internet, then we can help. Our free computer help site will help you catch up with lots of lessons introducing you to computer hardware, software and the Internet. But we really need your help to do this right. We need your email input as to exactly what it is you want to learn. Like how to cut, copy and paste text. How to write, send email. We will provide the steps and then require your feedback as to whether you can understand our steps. Don't be shy and please help us, help you and others located in Montgomery County and the Metro DC area Seniors and 50 plus especially. 
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* List your Seniors Computer Club here for free, 50+ Club.

Mike Wells

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Asbury Retirement Computer Club
Excellent help for seniors and for beginners. Windows 7 introduction link meeting presentations, help classes, with the incredible Bob Nisbet Computer Club.
Founded expressly to provide beginner and advance computer classes for Seniors, located in Silver Spring, place Leisure World.
Windows 7 User Video
Windows 7 how to help, use menu on top for old Windows.
Whole bunch of information and more stuff related to Information Technology.
Mashable Social Media
Social media news, sites and popular networks, Facebook, more,  web technology information.
Mcafee Information
Mcafee Virus Removal, Identity Theft, Fraud, Avoid Phishing Scam
Stay Safe Online
All kinds of Internet safety free help, video, free computer security test, fraud, identity theft and National Cyber Security Alliance Seniors 50+ help.
Internet Security Excellent Site.
Lots of information about ... Spam?
Safety Tips For Facebook
User Help Infomation
Dedicated to serving the 50+ workforce with a passion.
Job seekers can feel secure in knowing that all employers advertising on are truly interested in hire over 50 workforce.
Technology's Biggest Myths   Extra 250mb Of Dropbox Storage
Toughest Internet Scams      Some Free Photo Editors
Identity Theft Work             Americans Indentities Easily Stolen
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computer training seniors montgomey maryland free computer lessons maryland

Beginners Learn Email Online

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Beginners 50 plus and others here we will learn how to view, send, and write email. Not only that, if you need an email service provider, we'll learn how to open up an account, and maybe you can start sending email! Windows Live Hotmail is one of many email providers on the Internet and among the more popular. Free Hotmail basic, has plenty of space and security features. We wanted free to be kind of a surprise. Click on Hotmail now.
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FYI - When you need to by a brand new printer, make sure you know how many pages each ink cartridge will print. Plus, how much will each ink replacement cartridge cost. Some printers can be cheaper or have fancy features, but refill cartridges may have high price and yield a smaller number of copies, than other printers. Printer + Supplies = cost.
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One of the most important files of Windows. It manages the devices such as memory and Processor operations and other stuff. Windows won't work without it ...
(but you can't delete it from windows anyway).


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computer training for seniors, disabled located in montgomery county maryland

by Mike Wells

The problem with Norton version 4.0 a replacement for McAfee is, it is one huge resource hog. If you don't have at least 2GB of memory on your computer, you will probably find that it will slow your computer down enormously. Read Security Page.
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When using Internet Explorer you may be asked if you want to use activex so we have provided some information for you. Hit the Microsoft link. ActiveX controls are small programs, sometimes also called "add-ons," that are used on the Internet. They can enhance your browsing experience by allowing animation or they can help with tasks such as installing security updates.

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