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Learn About Printers

Printers With Windows  printer desktop
You can print almost any document, picture, webpage, or file that you can view on your computer. If you're new to printing, this article can help you understand printer types, how to connect a printer to your computer, and common print options. Understanding printer types and technologies Printers are categorized by the way that they reproduce text and graphics on paper. Each type of printer offers different advantages.

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Inkjet printers print by placing small dots of ink on a page to reproduce text or graphics. Inkjet printers can print in color or black ink. Although ink cartridges must be periodically replaced, inkjet printers are often purchased for home use because they can be relatively inexpensive Laser printers use toner, which is a fine, powdery substance, to reproduce text and graphics on paper.

Laser Printers can print in color or black ink, although color laser printers are usually more expensive. A laser printer that can print using only black ink is sometimes referred to as a monochrome printer. Laser printers typically have high–capacity paper trays, so you don't need to add paper as often as you would for an inkjet printer. They also can print more pages per minute than most inkjet printers and can print more pages per cartridge. If you print in large volumes, this means that a laser printer can cost less for each page that you print.

What Is DPI?
DPI, or dots per inch, is a measure of a printer's resolution. DPI determines how clear and detailed your print results will be compared to what you see on the screen.

To Add A Printer:
From Microsoft Help
First, connect the printer to your computer following the manufacturer's instructions. Windows will attempt to automatically install the printer. If Windows can't automatically install it, or if you've previously removed the printer and want to add it again, follow these steps: 
Open printers, click Start Menu and find ..
Control Panel / Hardware and Sound / and then click Printers.
Click Add a printer.
In the Add Printer Wizard, find and choose Add local printer.
On Choose printer port page, make sure that the Use existing port option button and the recommended printer port are selected, and then click Next.
On the Install the printer driver page, select the printer manufacturer and model, and then click Next. Notes If your printer is not listed but you have the manufacturer's installation CD, click Have disk, and then browse to the folder where the printer driver is stored. For help, refer to the manufacturer's instructions. If you don't have the installation CD, click Windows Update, and then wait while Windows checks for available drivers. end

Print Page Internet Explorer
Printing a web page should be fairly simple..
Internet Explorer look up top and find a small printer icon...
See an even smaller arrow off to right?  No, put glasses on..
Left Click and on menu find "Print Preview" ..
From left to right, when ready to print, Print icon.
Click "once" for one print.. each click one print..
Next over click for Portrait..
Next door, click for Landscape..
Wheel icon Page Setup...
Paper with two lines takes away very top and bottom..
Page with arrows each side of line icon .. View full width..
Diagonal arrows page icon .. move back to full page..
Page View Menu... See what page looks like all in one page or
choose what it will look like with more than one page used ..
Find 100% menu, view page with various size percentages.

Help Page extra features ...
Microsoft Windows Print Preview
Very helpful page with pictures on more Print Page Settings:
Microsoft Windows Printers
Printer help from Microsoft, add or remove a printer, cancel printing,
print option and Print a picture or document or file, and more.